Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hair Braid

When in doubt, wear braids and lots of it.  

Have a great weekend! 


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Movies Day

Movies Weekend 

This is one of those days where I love to watch movies to spend my weekend at  home.  It was pretty depressing movies I watched which both of them do not end in happy endings. Still, love them and at least I don't  feel my weekend was wasted. 


One line of review: SAD !!!! 

It is Guillermo Del Toro movie after all...have you guys seen Pan's Labyrinth? I kinda like his movie as much as I like Tim Burton's movies or Christopher Nolan's movies. 

Anna Karenina (2012)

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Anna Karenina

Short Review: Count Vronsky should have been brunette . Beside, the actor real hair is brunette and he looks good in brunette.The movie:  If you want some theatrical and over the top cinematography, this would be it. 

Escape From Planet Earth

I need happy endings and cartoons seems to be the best choice. Don't judge me. 
Did you see what emotional turmoil I have endured while watching those 2 movies above..  I need happy endings. It is like happy therapy movie.

The truth is, I never knew this movie until they aired in HBO ..opss. One glance I thought it was Megamind movie,...another blue alien guy?

Remember him? 

Short Review: Quite predictable movie and light-hearted animation.Fun for keeping kids quiet for one and half hours.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and til next time. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Lilac Box 6

Hello There! 

Sorry for the lack of posts . I still cant figure out to link my other blog prettymenawan to this blog. 
Anyway, without further ado ... I am starting my month with The Lilac Box that came on last Saturday. 

I was so happy! Here are the goodies of The Lilac Box 6!        


I am not sure if I will use all of these but I will make it a date with each of these goodies. If you love this kind of stuffs, I would recommend The Lilac Box. They usually have the best brands to try out. 

Check them out,  Malaysian girls >.< 

I will come with a review of each of these samples ....



Friday, February 7, 2014

First post and hair style

Hello there! 

Happy happy Friday! Welcome to my new page. Only by name. It is 2014 and I believe change is in order. Hopefully we're getting wiser and look younger! lol! 

I would like to start it with a hair tutorial I found on my facebook page. It is really easy breezy style. Love easy cute styles👍. 

I am blogging through my phone so it is quite limited of what I can do with the image. sorry! I will repost this if it is not clear. 

Have a great night xoxo Shareena 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sleek Cosmetics Looks

EOTD From Sleek "Storm" & " Ultra Matte V2" 

I stayed at KL whenever I have some night event to attend. Since I lived quite far from the city, it is always a small getaway for me.. eventhough I worked in the city. It is different feeling to work and leisure at the city. At least for me. 😊

I took one small room in budget hotel and I always do not have any "motivation" to do a dramatic and over the top eye look. Smokey is always to go to. It is like a staple look every time I went for night out. 

Here are the look: 

Eye makeup are from Sleek "storm" and "ultra matte v2" palette. 

Face from Benefits Hello Flawless in Honey. 

Lips from Maybelline "Nude" 

Quite simple really. 😊 

Xoxo Shareena

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Plum Eyed

Plum Eyes.

Crease : "Maple" from Sleek Ultra Matte V2 

Outer V: "Villain" from Sleek Ultra Matte

Transition color: "Cork" by MAC 

Lid: 120 palette in plum color on brown row. 

120 palette- I think they have the best plum color and very pigmented. Much better color off than Sleek "storm". 

With these color, it really brings out the best of brown eyed. 

Feeling a bit Plum, I guess. 

All of these pics have not been altered. I am too lazy for that. Excuse my
undereye bag.

xoxo Shareena 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Black Nails

Recently I am obsess with Black and Gold combo and over the weekend, I did a manicure with black nails and white nail art.Too bad it doesn't have gold color but I love it and it has been 5 days and my nail color are still alive aka no
chipping. :) 

I did my nails at Snips, Sungei Wang. 

I don't know how long my love for black
will last but I am enjoying it at the moment.  :) 

Til then! Xoxo Shareena 


After a looonnggg while of being lazy slapping makeup on my face. I did makeup spring clean and notice that I did not fully use and utilized the use of my make up palette😑 pretty much a hoarder symptom, I suppose. 

So last week, I did this look with Sleek Ultra Matte V2 Dark palette and I can't believe I didn't play often with this palette since it is unbelievable gorgeous and smooth matte colors. 

Here are the look..  

I used "Noir" all over my lids and"Thunder" on my crease and blend it out. 

I used matte black from Sleek "Storm" palette since I want to make it more intense on outer V. 

Lashes from Ardell "demi". 

That's all! 

I love smokey look.. aren't we all? :) 

Til next time! xoxo Shareena.