Sunday, October 21, 2012

Palette: NYX Crimson Amulet Collection

NYX Crimson Amulet Collection 

I jump on a bandwagon again, a bandwagon that leads me to craziness of having a cute packaging and a cool looking palette. It happened on Naked Urban Decay and now NYX Crimson Amulet. It is inspired by movie "Dark Shadow" starring Johnny Deep and it is limited edition collection. I am not sure how "limited" it is because I think this palette out in May this year... hmm...but anyway.. I am glad I purchase this palette. 

Before I bought anything, I love to read reviews to seal my deal of purchase so it made me feel conveniently happy that I bought a good wearable palette, though it influence my purchase only 25% of it,..hence the quotes that I love is ringing on my mind "Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I see, I conquered)" at the moment. 

I think everybody would be fooled by the packaging that look like a book...


As you can see, it is a gorgeous palette... I can't stop looking at it... ah! it feels like love at first sight....

Eyeshadows:  Color pay off is excellent. Every color this palette is pigmented and easily blend. I found it very very smoothly on Jumbo pencils especially to boost the colors more on eyelids. ^_^ 

 Lipsticks:  It's very generous of them to add 4 colors in this palette, I love how to suits my skin tone. ^_^ 

Highlighter: Yet another generosity to add in this palette. This highlight isn't too shimmery nor too sheer, it just nice. ❤

Blusher: 5 blushers? They are very very generous again with this. What a bargain~ though people complaint it is too small to fit a big blush brush but I just I can always uses my fingers and swipe it over and blend it with a brush afterwards. Problem solved. Blusher colors as well are suitable for every skin tone which is absolutely wonderful. 

Bonus: They even give Primer and Eyeliner ^_^ 


I have half of the swatches from this palette to show how pigmented these eyeshadows are. Why half? Because the other half are natural colors hence it blends to my skin  and it won't showed in the pictures.. 

Without primers and flash

Without Flash

Ingredients for those who cares: 

Sample looks

I have done a sample of eye look using this palette. Mind the exergeration of photoshop, I can't help it, it is almost Halloween. ^_^ 

Thank you for coming! ^_^  

Til next time! 

kiss! kiss! 

Where I purchase this? 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Make UP

Oh You Made Me Blush..

This make up look is quite over the top for me ..not in the pictures.. but in real life. I usually don't fill-up my brows and I don't wear too much bright on the cheeks either. I like things subtle but for my make up experiment today because of one boring morning, I'd read an article Tips For Doing Makeup For Photographs. from  Hair and  Make Up by Steph and I wanted to try those tips and basically how I look like when my face is fully made up 100% (not really 100% as I don't wear eyeshadow ...^_^) 

Product that I used:  

Meiko Foundation in 150 

120 palette and blush in Dark Pink 

Hooked on Pink 

Ardell False Lashes and Doll Lashes. 

That is all I was wearing and trust me, I've put a lot of those products on my face. 

I've buffed the blush as red and possible and brows, I have thicken it as much as my brow let me and face is heavy from putting quite much of the foundation. Particularly that foundation is already thick with one swipe. 

The result, a face that I feel like a clown without any proof my clown-ness. I admit, it does work. I don't look very made up. Beauty of camera flash! ^_^ sooo.. that how girls with beautiful make up looks like in real.. hmmmmm.... 

For this, it triggers me to try more looks, What's Next? 

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashion: Shoe

Scary Beautiful Shoe.

It remind me of something twisted dark mind of Stephen King or artist Mark Ryden to do such shoe or someone like Bjork.  right? right? ^_^ 

The way she walked in that shoe remind me of Ogre from Lord of The Rings. Oh my! Maybe Van der Vyver got inspiration from LOTR? maybe? maybe?

Whether you said the ugly-scary-wtf-fascinating shoe it is, this shoe won an award... Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

To read more about this shoe, go to Yahoo! News.


Sunday, October 7, 2012


Weekend Looks and A Gift

 It is my birthday week and I got a gift from Sephora. It is a body lotion and I am totally grateful for it. ^_^ I never buy anything from Sephora brand before. Maybe I will after this delicious smell body lotion.

What do you guys get for birthday from Sephora?

               This is CattyPuss. She is my model. I can't afford to hire a model so she's my model for now..

I wish they would give a make up palette.. haha! I wish! I bet they will have to give it every day for whole year and I will be waiting patiently every year for October to come.

Usually if I go out, I love do a natural eye look. It is the most make up look that I have been going back again and again. I think every girl has their natural look as they favorite make up look ^_^.

Saturday Natural Look: I used Wet & Wild palette in Vanity and dark purple from some palette that I am too lazy to check.. ^_^

Sunday Natural look using Essence "Over the Taupe" Palette and Ardell False Lashes.

Quick review on Ardell Lashes, the most comfortable and natural looking false lashes I ever worn. It is only RM22 from Sephora and I think I will have a long term relationship with this lashes. ^_^

Have a great day !!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekend Make up

Saturday is here !! 

Woop! woop! Weekend  is here! I started to play with make up again! well.. to be exact to put on make up after so long.... well.. not that long anyway! ^_^  I don't have a consistency of putting on make up but if I do, this is what happen!

A mess called Shareena 

My eye make up look is no inspired theme. Just rediscover what I have in my make up vanity. ^_^  

hmm... is that chocolate cake?

 yess... chocolate cake makes me happy... 

another round? please???


120 palette 

Wet and Wild coloricon Comfort Zone 

Wet and Wild Coloricon Vanity (for my brow) 


Meiko Foundation 

Benefit's Hervana Face Powder 


Maybelline Colorsensational 065 Hooked on Pink! 

Perhaps this saying to myself  "Welcome to 30's!" 

Have a great weekend, gals! ^_^ 



Mask Attack! 

Following up with my craze mask shopping few days ago. 

Day 1: Grape Seed Mask 

There wasn't any descriptions on the package. "Moisturizing and Anti-Oxidant" that is all describe the mask.
The good part first, it gaves me a cooling effect on my skin after 5 minutes of putting it on. Yes, AFTER 5 mins.
Usually I will experience cooling the moment I put on it but this is different case, though
I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. So moving on, after cleanse my face to perfection
I've put on this mask and wait til 15 mins up and the bad thing follows, it drips... the water on the mask is
dripping on my neck and it made it quite difficult to enjoy it. Perhaps that is "cooling" effect?
Overall, I look refresh when I woke up and everything is good for now. ^_^

Day 2: Orange Face Mask

It describes this mask as Nourishes, Moisturises and Brigthens. How it measured? It does brigthen! It actually brighten
my skin or perhaps I am too tired after work that my vision increases to the maximum, who knew?
Though tiredness or not, I know it does work on first application. ^_^ Brigthens!
The bad? It still contains too much water, it drips all over my neck.
The good? Smells mildy orange, refreshed my skin soon after I put it on and brightens!

So give it a go if you have access to this mask. I should buy more of this ^_^ So I could glow in the dark!

Have a great friday! ^_^ 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Halloween Everyday.

Halloween month is here! I personally love Halloween. ^_^ We don't celebrate it here in Malaysia but it is fun to see Halloween costumes and such. If you don't have any more ideas of what to be this year, Pirate ... last 10 years? Sexy Kitty... Every year since high schools? It reminds me of a quotes saying Halloween is the holiday that girls are given the permissions to dress up as slutty as they can. Blame Pinterest for this! ^_^

So if you want to add up your collection of dolls, why don't you become one? This is what happen to obsession of dolls and perfections. Plus, give you inspiration for Halloween.

She is very famous teen in Ukraine who look like a real life anime.  Anatasia Shpagina. I admit, she have nice make up though...It really transform her 360 degrees ^_^ That what make up are for! 

I love this kind of transformation. it is nice to see your face in new perspective once in a while. Then again, 
too much transformation makes me afraid to lose who I really am. Perhaps people are searching to be who they really are with all these make up......?

Being yourself and being honest with yourself is by far the easiest thing to say but the hardest thing to achieve. That what makes us human..

So pick up those liners, and try to change your face ^_^ 

Have a great day !

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Facial Mask

When everything seems so down, wear a mask.

It is like a beautiful fate that brought me to this mask shopping as the night before, I was thinking to myself that it had been awhile i didnt pamper meself with a cool mask and when i went to work the next day, a beauty counter open at bandar tasik selatan star lrt station, Savee. it is a Singaporean brand and I did noticed it before but like any new cosmetics line in malaysia, they come and go really  fast and some of them are crappy anyway.

Back to Savee. apparently it seems they have a great bargain for mask, RM 1 per sachet. I bought 12 of them. 2 of which is a powdered anti- acne mask RM5 per sachet weight 30 gram each. It was a great deal as Skinfood's mask is RM 5 per sachet and it is only one treatment. In term of mask performance, i will perhaps review it one by one.  I am a bit skeptical what will it do to my skin but as long there isn't any new zits saying hello, I am glad :) and beside you can't expect that much of miracle. :)                   

so here are some of the masks that I've grab for now. It would be a long pictures trail to put in one post beside I am wearing one of the mask now! ^_^

Til next time! 


Have great day, gals!