Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jolyn Angeline Brushes 

Hello there! I hope you have a great shiny day ( it's raining here), this is my review on my new brushes..... 

She is a local Malaysian make up artist with her name on a brush. I can assure you she can be
proud of her brushes as it is good brush and cheap too! Such a bargain.
It was worth the wait as usually when I ordered stuff from online, it arrived next day or 2 days after
but this brushes makes me wait for 12 days. I was beginning to feel irritated but it is worth the wait. 

I've ordered 41- Pencil Brush, 42- Slant brush, 43 creasing brush and kabuki brush.
My favorite have to be pencil brush. I love pencil brushes. I lost my pencil brush before and
having it again is such a joy! ^_^

All of these brushes are very soft and fluffy. It is great for picking up colors.  

I've used only these brushes on my experimental look and I guess I don't need more brushes
when I have these brushes!

Oh yes, she gave a fake lashes too though I don't use that kind of fake lashes but
you never know when you need it!

This is her website on FB (http://www.facebook.com/jolynangeline)  and Low Yatt forum. ( http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/2109880

Monday, July 2, 2012

Matte Berry Lipstick




Hallluuu!! :) Hope you guys are fine! 
This is my first time buying matte lipstick. It is from Elianto mean "sunflower" in Italian. Nope, it is not Italian products. It is Malaysian made and proud of it. :) 

My thoughts on this...It look pretty natural on my lips and sometimes it can get "orange" when I applied it second coat. 
Though I still like my lipstick to be a bit moisture and glossy. I tend to wear lip gloss over this. 
The price is around RM 20 more or less. 

The lippy color, 

Without flash 

With flash