Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sephora Base Smoothing Primer 


Hello girls! How was your day? Anyway, I bet you are feeling good because you read my blog now... hehe... so.. primer... primer is important... to create barrier between skin and foundation plus makes your skin extra "special" :) only girls know what is it... 

I bought this over the weekend and I used it when I was working, I would say, it is a very good primer.. worth my RM50! My make up stayed all night and it keep my skin matte! :) lovely! Mind you, every day I have to walk at least 25 minutes to work... and I think I found a very good primer!
I said Good not the best because I haven't try it on day time...but I guess it is alright considering my skin is quickly oily in 2 hours. urgh... 

p/s: if this product break me out in a week time, I will let you know ;) 

Worth a try! 

The ingredients.....

                                                                       Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

 Essence Nail Art 

Express Dry Drops

Heellooo Wednesday! 
This is a quick post on Essence Nail Drop! if you have access to it, buy it! I bought this for RM 10 and because the store I believe is closing down, so this will be my last encounter..... I will embrace it.... the time I have with this easy peasy nail top coat.... 

Fast drying and it lasted my nail polish for more than 3 days...that's pretty good in my book! 

I said it is easy peasy because of its design.... 

1-2 drop is enough to cover one nail.... 

Great huh? 

Have an awesome day! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stamp Nails!

Essence Stamp Nail Set

I love the idea of stamping nails..and it is easy.. is it? Not in my position.... I don't have that special nail polish and I just used my old thick Wild and Crazy nail polish. So the pay off of my stamping is just OK.
A few month ago, my sister went to Germany and I asked her to buy me this nail stamp set from Essence. It is darnnnn cheapo! I should have asked her to buy me more than one! Never mind... 

Inside the stamp set..... 

I have a good hard lesson not to buy a very filthy cheap stamp set... it doesn't work at all... but ....
Essence is great! Genuinely great to work with.. easy picking up colors and clean as well.. Cheap and quality!

 As being extra diligent, I've put all the image on my nails ... ( not all, I only have 10 fingers)... Mind you that the image is a bit crocked as this is my first time applying it so is a bit mess... :) I just embrace the imperfection... 

I think we don't have this brand here in Malaysia no more as I saw the shop selling this over the weekend is closed and had a Clearance Sale! :( I missed it!!!! UGh!.... Another brand shutting down just as I begin to love it... sighh... 

Have a greeaatt dayy! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daiso RM5 nail polish in Sheer Pink.

Winmax New York 

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine is ok.. I've been attack by Flu Virus.... :( now writing with full of tissues paper laying around...  Anyway.... since I don't feel much better.. doing nail polish is good activity to fill.. so I rediscover this nail polish I bought a few months ago and wearing it again.. give it a try as I stopped wearing it because it is soooooo sheer... I hate that in nail polish but it did changed my mind. It looks rather "natural"and I like it ..( i think because of the flu). It is only RM 5 and if I want more opaque color, I have to do second coat or third but too many coats in nail polish end up disastrous. Two will do. :) 

 First coat

Second Coat

Have a greeaatt day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Naked Palette 1 Look

Number 1

Hello there! Happy Weekend to you all! 

Here I have a pretty basic Naked Palette look. You can't go wrong with this! I was using Sin, Buck , Dark Horse and a little bit of Creep on outer edge. 

It is very wearable for day look and if you add more "creep", it will turn into lovely smokey eye look. Somehow my previous statement doesn't sound right. "add more creep"..... 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Naked Palette I 

 When everyone is busy buying Naked Palette 2, I bought Naked 1 instead. I've been hearing about this palette since 2 years ago and it really kept me interested to buy it more and more and when I did buy it, let just say I have a mixed feeling with the palette. 

I was sooo happy when I bought it, I even told my bf about it which I know he totally zoned out... (eyes rolled)

About Naked...

Cover is velvet, which makes it so sexy whenever I touch it and colors are amazing, very pigmented and very blendable. 

I have one problem though, most of it is shimmery colors and I have to say I feel the colors does not suit my tan skin that well. 
Price is RM 180,  it came with flat brush and UD primer potion.

perhaps I don't play too much of it yet so I should get playing from now on! :)  I will post some of eye makeup dedicated to Naked Palette but we'll see about that. I can't promise anything... 

The swatches... 

I hope you have a great day!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midnight Bakula from The Body Shop

 Eau De Toilette 

This is my second post on perfume and I admit I am at loss of words to review perfume simply because I don't use much and tend to forget whenever my ass already out of the door and I am too lazy to go back for perfume session. 
I do love people who smells nice, who doesn't? In city like KL, humid and sometimes very melting warm, it hard for perfume to stick on you. 

Move on to this perfume... 
I bought this before my colleagues and I went to Langkawi at The Body Shop, Air Asia Terminal Airport. It is odd because where I was going, I can pretty much find better deals at Duty-Free shops in Langkawi but I could not resist after The Body Shop have clearance sales and this perfume is half the price from RM100. 

The price isn't the reason I bought this, I bought this because it smells so good! I love love the smell. Though my sis told me it smells like a men perfume at first....but it fades to have a lovely soft smells afterwards.. 

I guess because of the strong smell... It has very strong smell and musky too... I am preetty sure it is women perfume or perhaps it is androgynous and unisex perfume! :) 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am on my way to  be Crazy Cat Lady .......

Once there was a girl who adore cats but recently she love collecting them in merchandise items. Every things has cat element in it. 

It get worse when she found out there is a website with cute long necklace/ locket for cat lovers. 

 It is not particularly for cats only but the images that they used are vintage which made it harder for her not to be Crazy Cat Lady..... The end. :) 

This was locket I bought from the website, I bought it as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Price RM28, it doesn't put a hole on my purse.... :) 

Go and Check the website out! :) For accessories lovers...

A peek of stuffs their selling....

** p/s: I am not affiliated with this company. All my purchases are from my own hard earn money. Unless stated otherwise. **

                                                                Have a Great Tuesday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hair Story : 

 L'oreal Smooth Intense Serum 


It's been awhile eh?
I am slowly crawling back and too clueless of what to update. Well, you have to start somewhere ( my procrastinate mind talking to me)
When I first found L'oreal Studio Power Creme at Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya, I was ecstatic, happy to write away review without knowing that would be my last encounter with that creme. :( 
I could not found it anywhere in KL or Alamanda, so I am again searching for serum to tame my curls. 
I took a risk and have another L'oreal product which is Smooth-Intense Anti -Frizz Serum Leave-In and the result is..... 

It does tame my curls very well and it gives a shine too. 

I am happy that I  found some product that I hope it will stay longer on the retail shelves. 
It have a very nice smell and the trick with any serum I used, I just used it on damp hair, never on dry hair because in my experience whenever I put something on my dry hair, my scalp get itchy. 
Not NICE. 
Price is roughly under RM 30 and you can get at any retail store. Goodie! :) NO More Meesssy  Undefine Curls! 



                                                                     Have a nice day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail of The Week

O.P.I Holland - Red Light Ahead. Where?

I love getting my nails done and last Sunday, my sister and I went to One Kuku Spa at Petaling Jaya. It was a promotion on Groupon that brought us here. Cheapo! :) It doesn't matter with or without discounts, both of us is going to be regulars from now on.

                                                            (OneKuku Spa Gel Promo)

perhaps I will do some gel nails but for now, I am ❤adoring❤ my Holland nail color.

Have a great day !!