Monday, April 23, 2012

Crackling Crackling Crack

Essence Crackling Top  Coat

Itsss crackling alright. Essence 03 Crack Me! is the name and I just learned a lesson of not applying too thick or it will not crack beautifully.

It is my first time trying Crackling nail polish and I like it on my nails. It's new to me o.O

As in Essence nail polish itself, it is a very good nail polish, very smooth and I reiterate to myself, I just need a thin layer to make crackling work. :)

Price? it was cheap at Europe as this is my request for my sister to buy it for me while she was in Germany. I will check it out for Malaysian price tag. okie dokie? ^.^

03 crack me! blue

  01 crack me! black

**personally, I like the black one a bit , just a tiny weeny bit more.**

Have a great day!