Monday, October 31, 2011


Girls Day Out 

It was my friend birthday, Amy and we hang out at KLCC park until Sungei Wang.It was great shiny day and we had so much fun. Wishing her a very great birthday and more years to come! ^_^

I didn't managed to took picture of look of that day because I was pretty much in rush so I am substitute it with what I was wearing that day.

Skirt! The older I get, I love wearing skirts. It is breezy, looks very much casual or smart depends on how you wear itand it is easy when I go to the loo too. ^_^ I love being a girl! ^_^

Skirt: My sister's
Top: Fashion's Boutique, Sungei Wang
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Belt: F.O.S
Shoe: Sembonia

Everyone, this is my gal pal,Amy. We've been friends since my red-riding-hood at University. We will do little project together regarding make up and all things related or none related? ^_^ Stay tuned!

She have gorgeous bracelets.^_^

End of the day, I can't feel my legs. Happy Feet.

  Sexiest Shoe: My Version

While I was exhausted going around interviews back and forth, my mind is having its dreaming episode
 about having Jimmy choo's or Blahnik's which  I couldn't afford it (YET). See how I put
YET in capital letters? Optimistism is important people. ^_^ I couldn't help but to search for my own sexy shoes. I did
put up 2011 Sexiest Shoes according to accumulative polls but I want to have MY OWN sexy shoes list.

I want to know what is your sexy shoes list as well. ^_^ Even if it is just a dream but Dream is something that I look forward to everyday ^_^

Lastly, sexy shoe that I own and rarely wear-.- I admit. Forever 21 Gladiator Platform

Sunday, October 30, 2011

 Daiso Winmax@ Winwax Light Color Nail Enamel


Price: RM 5


It's light pink

Easy to apply


Too runny

Too light for my taste

Contradict no? I hope not. It is exactly what it is said to be. "LIGHT".
You really need to coat at least twice or thrice to get a  nice pink color because it is LIGHT,
on my dark skin, it doesn't look nice actually.

I have no further complaint about it, it is only for RM 5. I guess perfect for someone who doesn't like nail
colors to be too bold or too noticable. ^_^

Have a great day!! Oh! what did you girls be on Halloween yesterday? ^_^ 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eye Makeup : Halloween

Halloween Inspired

Hello darlings!

This is a Halloween inspired make up look with a surprise (?) I am making this look wearable.You can skip the leopard lipstick though if you want to wear it outside looking normal.

I am using Manly 120 palette. All the way baby. ^_^  My contact lens is from Beuberry range in Grey.

Nothing here....

Nope, here either...

But...... Surprise

I told you.... it's kinda surprise 

This the up close of my leopard lips..

Oh I don't wear foundation.. it's 2 am.. ^_^

Hope you like it! ^_^

Have a great Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shoe Galore

 Sexiest Shoe in 2011

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Footwear News and Saks Fifth Avenue which they diligent enough to go around and asked women or men ( I guess)   35,000 voters on the sexiest shoe of 2011.

They are very sexy shoes, even look at them is better than looking at Playboy bunnies. It is like no feet are beautiful enough to wear them. 

In 4th place, we have...

Chrissie Morris suede, mesh and stingray peep-toe ankle boot, $1,365 (gulp!) 

In 3rd place, we have....

Prada knee-high leather boot with covered platform,1,200USD

 In 2nd place, we have

Jimmy Choo Swarovski crystal-encrusted sandal with double ankle straps, $2,095

 photo: photobucket

 And the MOST SEXIEST SHOE of 2011 is ...

Valetino Platform lace, 695USD

 photo: shineyahoo

 Have a great SEXY day!

Nail Art

Whatever Nail Art

Apparently being public holiday yesterday at Malaysia for Diwali day or festive of light, I was pretty bored thus this is what I come up with.Take whatever nail polish you have and just paint it on! no need to be uniform or precise ...

Have a great Thursday!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It is almost Halloween and I got this idea from about Beauty Nightmares!

Some dreams are do not make any sense, scary and downright bizzarre. I am sure you girls have one too.^_^
Of course, some of this list I do dream about it for real but the main point is, this is MY nightmare beauty.

(photo: I wish I am this pretty when I scream)

1. Dreamed about waking up my face with full big zits, I mean real big chunks of zits.

2. My hair is keep growing until I become Ms. cousin It.

3. My skin is dry dry dry until it peels! yikes!

4. My fake lashes drop and I don't realise it.

5. My hair is beautiful, bouncy and shiny until someone shave it off!!

6. My skin melts because of my foundations!

7. I can't remove my lipstick and I hate those colors!

8. My boyfriend wears my make up.

What is your Beauty Nightmares?

Read Glamour's beauty nightmare, click here.

have a great wednesday, sweeties!


Price: RM 22.90
One word, good. Actually pretty darn good. of course, it can't do magic totally on your hair if your hair is pretty much
damaged or fried like Einstein but I guarantee you from a girl with curls like me, this stuff is life saver on my pocket and importantly on my curls.
It does calms my frizz and my curls is much more define
It made my hair so soft to touch.
It really does what it says,"control rebellious curls that out of shape".

It smells like baby lotions. ^_^ ( some of you may not like the smell)

Hard to get- I've only encounter this creme at Parkson Grand in Alamanda Mall, CyberJaya.:( Not even in well known drugstores have this creme)

Ingredients to cook up a nice curls:

There is also hair mousse from this line. I will check it out. Review soon ( if I buy it)^_^ Though I am not a biggest fan of hair mousse because personally, mousse makes my hair a bit sticky icky. No likey. 0.o
We will see, perhaps L'oreal will change my mind.

Without CurlPower ( this is a month before I found this creme hence the difference on my hair color) and without make up. ^_^

After I found this creme, my curls look much more define ...

Sorry if you are scared? ^_^ I promise I look more cuter next post.. ^_^

Have a great day, sweeties!! ^_^

Monday, October 24, 2011

Make UP Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

(20 January 1987 – 23 October 2011)

A 24 year old Italian Motogp racer who died on 23rd Oct 2011 at Sepang, Kuala Lumpur.
I am quite a big fan of MotoGP and this tragic sadden me to see raising star to be taken away so early. I do like big bikes but not Harley Davidson.

I got this inspiration from his racing suits.

(photo: RIP Marco )

There are much color combo and I like yellow and orange combos and to think that
this Wednesday my Hindu friends are celebrating Diwali day so this look is a tribute and also an idea.

Lighter note:

I got a new false lashes. It was RM1.50 each at Sungei Wang. It is dirt cheap and though I love the bargain but you get what you pay because usually this dirt cheap false lashes look very fake and somehow it is too long or too short and it can irritates your lids. So from now, I will buy Ardell from Sephora. ^_^

Have a great Tuesday!
Happy Diwali Day to Hindu friends!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mustache Girl

when you been called mustache girl at high school, you felt pissed off with hairs on
upper lips and tried to cut it with small scissors that you found in your sister's bag.
It doesn't turn out that bad anyway but I hate it.

Since then, I waxed it. It hurts like hell when first time but no pain no gain. I love bald
upper lips, mind you. ^_^ My lipsticks look nicer...No one would notice but I do...

After few years waxing it, I thread it after my Indian friend introduced me to threading.
It was good and cheap too!! So I thread until now. It is much more better than waxing!
Now, I found a tool similar function to threading. It is my new torture device!

It looks like this:

It is working perfectly well! IF you can handle pain of threading and waxing, wait til you thread yourself with this.
I am sure you will be more satisfied because you doing it yourself. So you can be cursing your way through it if you shy to curse in front of a nice lady who thread for you.. ^_^
This is how you do it or a youtube review on it from XSophiado. She bought it for 7 USD but I bought for Rm4 (1.25USD). I know you girls hate me so much right now.^_^

If you have this kind of torture tool, do you like it?

Hey Hey Hey!!

How are you girls doing?! I am good. I am a bit busy for few days. Sorry! ^_^

Anyway, yesterday my sister bought me a birthday gift! Actually my birthday is in few days but what the hell.. I always love gifts! Who doesn't?!!!! She bought me colored contact lens! I used to wear it a few years back but at that time, my eyes seems to rejected it thus the feeling uncomfortable always in a way. Luckily for me, this contact lens pretty comfortable and I think the solution is one of the thing that made a huge different!

I bought this contact lens just for fun of it. It is pretty an asian thing..well.. like having a straight hair, you wanted to do curls and brunette tend to dye it blonde and vice versa.

This is my contact lens. Look how it made my eyes 10 times more bigger?!! It made me feel like an alien eyes! Katy Perry's song ET songs stuck in my head all the time whenever I used this contact!

Blue - it blends with my dark eyes.

A cute bottle named "Super Barbie Eyes" which I think they should change it to ExtraTerrestrial Dream Eyes.

Silly face ate ice cream with bigger eye balls!

I bought it at Sungei Wang Plaza on 6th floor. I love 6th floor, they have so much goodies, I want to buy everything! ^_^ Fake eyelashes only for RM1.50 (o.50 USD) per piece and 12 pieces for RM 12.90 (4 USD)! I will review it if i buy it though I will guarantee you, I will f***ing buy it! ^_^

This is their store blogshop: Kawaii Eyes!


Have a good sunday, girls! ^_^

p/s: for colored eyes people, if you want darker eyes, you are UNGRATEFUL. Look what we do to have yours?!