Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Raya Nails!

It was Aidilfitri yesterday and I was super duper tired! ^_^

I will be going to an open house at my aunt's and I am rocking this nail art. Simple and cute nail art! So every time when I want to reach those delicious cookies and cakes.. everyone will notice my cute nails! ^_^ "I am so vain.. I think this blog is about me.. lala la la la"

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Barbie and Ken's Tied The Knot

Whoever adores Barbie will love this! Photographer Beatrice deGuine shot this marvelous pictures over 3 days. If you want more pictures of this marvelous "wedding", click GlamourMag!

Who knew? After all this years playing stiff and aloof to each other, they're getting married! ^_^

Good things happen for those who wait! ^_^

The Wedding

All Well, Ends Well!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aidilfitri Make Up Idea (2)

Another idea for Raya make up though I think it looks like Brazilian flag inspired, don't you think? hmm..well, I guess I can use this make up if I travel to Brazil or simply hang out

with my friends shouting "GOALL!!!" when it is World cup fever again. ^_^

The simple look only consist of yellow on upper lid and blue on lower lid but as usual, I like to add something and add dark green on outer corner as if it would make it more smokey effect. ^_^ Not knowing that I will end up being sued by Brazilian flag police. yikes!

The simple:


The add-ons: Italic



I used only 120 palette. ^_^

Til next time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make Up Idea for Raya@ Aidilfitri

Next week will be Raya! ^_^ I am excited because after 2 years being apart from family especially for big occasion like this, I feel like a kid again. ^_^

So I came up with simple look for Raya ^_^ . This is why I love doing eye make up, you can wear it as it is or.. add more color to make a different.

Only green



Then my hand start feeling itchy and putting on blue color on outer corner.



simple, yes?

who said eyeshadow is difficult?

Yay! this is my 300th post! ^_^ who knew I can rambling so much?

Interview Glow

I went to interview last week and this is the look I wore on the interview. Though the interviewer seems pretty laid back but I feel very much over dressed for interview! ^_^ Oh like I care.


I went for a bit of brownish smokey effect with thick lashes ( I adore my fake lashes!) and keep everything simple.No contouring whatsoever.


Whoa! this is quite huge pic!

Whether I will score the job, who knew? For painting my face, I am patting myself on my back, I felt great with that make up! ^_^



Nyx Jumbo in Milk

Stila smudge pot in Bronze

Nyx For Brown Eyes (Dark Brown)

Stila eyeshadow in Glee (above crease)

Maybelline Kohl pencil black


Lumene Time Freeze- Almond

H&M blush in Peach


Maybelline Color Sensation Iced Caramel

This is how I did my hair for the interview.^_^ Professional , no?


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Face of The Day @ Idea for Aidilfitri celebration Make up!

This is my make up a few days back.^_^ It has been a while I didn't post about making my face up.

So I have a free day to play with make up! I don't know what color will be my baju kurung.

What is Baju Kurung?

It is a traditional female clothes from Malaysia, Brunei and it can be found worn by South East Asian countries.

(photo credit: Sexy version of Baju Kurung @ known as Baju Kebaya)

(photo credit: Baju Kurung Light Blue)

Now the make up,


Etude Primer

Wet & Wild Greed palette (Brule as base color)

(photo credit: LobsterFace )

pink and a bit of purple though in this picture, purple dominate the pink! BAD Purple! ^_^

(above crease)

H&M Solid Black kohl (tighliner for upper lid only)

Fake lashes


Lumene Primer

Lumene Time Freeze (20-Almond)

Wet & Wild Pressed Powder


SilkyGirl Lipgloss