Monday, June 27, 2011

From Malaysia With Love

Happy Midsummer to all! I hope you girls had a great midsummer. I don' t have make up look for midsummer madness..sorry.. I was totally relaxed in the sun with good foods and sauna.

Today I will heading home to Malaysia and this time I hope there's no more delay. I will blog more from there. ok? *hug*

It will be 16 hours flight so I will be using just my track pants and t-shirt on board. There is no reason to doll up in 16 hours flight. If you do, please tell me how do you do it without looking like zombie when landing. I will exclude answers from stewardess. Not fair. hehehe.. they always look good, no matter what, it's their job.

What is your essentials beauty products that you carry on a flight?

probably I will just pack concealer and lipstick.

So til I see you again in 24 hours. From Malaysia with love..

(photo:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 10 Award

Thank you to sweet Zarina from Marshee for giving me this award!*blush*

Rules *rolls eyes* ^__^

1. Thank the person who tag you ---->>Zarina ( Thank you again!!) '

2. Put award on the blog.

3. List Top 10 cosmetics

4. Choose 10 blogger, tag them, link and tell them.

My top 10 cosmetics

1= By Terry Foundation

2= MAC Lipstick in Satin

3= Wet & Wild Color Icon Palette

4= H & M nail polish in Espresso

5= Wild & Crazy nail polishes

6= SASA mascara

7= Stila Bronzer

8= Stila concealer

9= Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

10= 120 palette

As you can see, I don't use much. ^__^

There are my top 10 read at the moment... ^__^

Camera Flash Changes Everything

I hate the feeling that I want to look good in photo..and most of the time my camera doesn't agree with me. Even though I know, it doesn't matter because I don't want to give anyone a heart attack with too much bright eye shadow I packed on my lid JUST FOR THE SAKE of photo.

I think I am not the only one who feel that way.. ^_^ That's the curse of being a camera whore, I guess. haahaha^__^

Today I was doing some natural look with winged eyeliner.

It made my eyes looks mono. ^__^

Then, I put some darker shade on my crease to define it.


And again, I put black eye shadow just on outer corner, just to make it smokey. ^__^



Then everyone will know I have a crease.. ^__^ That's what I love about make up, it will totally make you look different! ^_^

In the end, we all love to strip down all the make up and feel fresh! ^__^

We Born To Be Alive

ItalicI wouldn't be surprise if I buy this perfume just because of this commercial. Have you ever buy something solely because of the commercial? Infomercial is not one of them ^__^

Happy Monday! ^__^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog Awards

A big Thank you to Red Lips Black Hair for giving me this award! She is so sweet and totally drop dead gorgeous! Check her blog!


Name your favourite color: For now, metallic purple.

Name your favourite song: Penguin Cafe Orchestra - perpetuum mobile (oppss, it is not even a song)

Name your fav dessert: Everything sweet, chocolate and creamy!

What is pissing you off? Cutting queues.

When you're upset, you... quiet.

Your favourite pet: Cats

Black or White? White

Your biggest fear is...: Height

Your best feature is...: My Smile! ^__^

Everyday attitude: Happy. I tried to be everyday. ^__^

What is perfection? Symmetrical

Guilty pleasure: Jersey Shore! ^__^

The rules are:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.

My random facts are:

1- I have bad back pain now. :(

2- I like to sleep, if I could sleep and I wish I could sleep on time.

3- I think I look too young for my age. I think.

4- I ate cereal every chance I've got.

5- I burned my upper lips because of darn hair removal cream!

6- I wish I could and have leather cat suit.

7- I cut my own hair.

The awards go to:

French Manicure -ish with sparkle!

This is pretty basic manicure. It is just so basic I need to put some thing a bit more like craft glitters. ^__^ I like to see my nail and there is something more than ordinary nail polishes.

Just like looking at person twice.. even though he/she is not that pretty but there is something about that person makes you want to look twice. ^_^



These are nail polishes which responsible for the design:-


From left :

Wet & Wild - Flirty Rose

H & M- Espresso Me

Wild & Crazy - Nail Hardener

Craft Glitters

Yesterday Make up look

How's everybody? It is Saturday! wooop!! wooop!!

Pink and Gold. Two combination that quite hard for me to do actually. Maybe because I am not a pro. ^__^ and perhaps my color isn't bright enough to show on my lids but then again, if it too bright, I will look like a clown.. a very sad clown.

Ok, so this is the look I wore yesterday,




Gosh Effect Powder in Rose Gold

Stila "Glee"

Wet & Wild " Vanity" - Dark Brown


Stila Concealer

Wet & Wild Pressed Powder


Maybelline Color Sensational - Ice Caramel

Thank you for reading ! ^__^ Have a great Saturday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Damsel in Distress? Not Anymore.

This is how female gun suppose to looks like. ^_^ Atelier Ted Noten from Netherlands launches first set of his “provocative” seven-part series named “Necessities for a Woman (to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man).”

These are some of his creations:

photo: Luxury Launches

Chanel 001

with Chanel lip gloss,


USB stick

Viagra pill (?),

an antique hairpin,

an 18 carat gold toothpick

photo: Luxury Launches

Dior 001

Dior lip gloss,

an antique hairpin,

a stock of essential medicines,

USB stick

100-gram sterling silver bar

He created bags too:

photo: Luxury Launches

photos: Ted Noten

Is it great and beautiful and very James Bond? I guess this what Charlie's Angels should have to kick asses and look good too.

For more reading and admiration for his creations : Click LuxuryLaunches or Ted Noten website.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

White In A Hot Day

What a hot day! Seriously, I am sweating on my armpits and it ain't pretty. ok, I know it eww to talk about it. Seriously it is really hot here. Anyway, I am still here, because my flight being postponed until end of the month. *Bummer*

Well, I have no time to be sad, it is a beautiful summer and I can wear my favorite white short. ^__^. Though I always have been very careful wearing anything white because it is easy to look dirty.

What is your color for summer?

Short: Abercrombie and Fitch

Top: Top Shop

Cardigan : Gina Tricot ( I got this from thrift store! lucky!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Face massage


It's been awhile. Sorry! I was totally busy packing stuff away so I don't forget anything and even in packing I can be anxious. What to take?!! Do I need this?!! What is this for again?! *ugh!*

With all that stress,I want to pamper myself by doing facial massage.

I love facial massage. Who doesn't? It is nicer when somebody do it for us. ^__^ but not all can afford that luxury so I might as well give myself a massage.

Just follow this video from Hisako Tanaka and she will show how to do your own massage. Obviously I am jealous of the women in that video. How lucky! If I was her, I would probably fall asleep! ^__^

It's a bit longer but I think it is worth of knowledge.

Happy Massaging! ^__^

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awards Time!

Thank you, Red Lips Black Hair!

Thank you , Charlotte!

yay! I've got an award again! I am so flattered. It is the same award with different fonts. ^__^ My lovely readers keeps me keep blogging! Thank you so much again, Red Lips and Charlotte! *flying kisses!!

I'll nominate everyone! ^__^ because I don't discover any new blogger now .. sorry! I am a very loyal reader, perhaps. ^__^

7 facts about me (now)

1. I hate soda or anything gassy like Pepsi or Coke because I will burp like a man.

2. My favorite color currently is purple. Metallic purple. ^_^

3. I am a bad shopper because when I shop, I wrote a list what I need but when I see something with much better deal, I will be so anxious I will end up not buying anything at all. Sales is worse for me.

4. I am sick of chocolate now. I know it's crazy talk but that's the truth.

5. I hate to work out but I know it is the only way to keep fit.

6. I love packing, but I hate unpacking.

7. Next week, I will board the plane and going back to Malaysia. So, I will be blogging from Kuala Lumpur and I couldn't wait to show you around! ^__^