Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trend : Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 Eye Make up Inspired

Today is May Day or International Workers Day so Happy May Day to every one! Though it is raining here in Helsinki but it doesn't dampen my spirit to do a very nice inspired eye make up for evening out in the city.

As usual, I am solely using Manly 120 palette or I will stated otherwise. ^_^ This look is similar to my other eye make up inspiration from Vintage Make Up using yellow and orange. Now I think of it, I really like using yellow and orange eyeshadow this season...opppss..

This is my inspiration


Her eye make up is very striking with yellow on inner corner of her eye and it looks like she has brownish orange going on there but of course, I can't be that details about it , that's why it is an inspired look. ^__^

This is the colors I was using for this eye make up. It wouldn't be fair to say I am only using that particular color on that palette but I used a bit of each on the same row because at least I feel I am using all of them ^_^

Have a good weekend, girls !! ^_^

Friday, April 29, 2011

Reception Dress for new Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

I promise this is the last entry. ^_^ I don't know why I feel happy for this wedding, perhaps indicate that I am getting older or a hint for myself? ^_^

This is dress for reception .. have you seen the cake?!!! 8 tiers of cake!

Does she looks lovely?!!! *dreamy*

This dress is also designed by Sarah Burton. I love her furry cardigan and silver belt, perfectly fit for the whole look.

Now for the cake....

photo courtesy

8 tiers of cake and Chocolate cake.. Oh I wish I was invited... probably very very near to the chocolate cake. ^_^

Princess Catherine @ Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Make Up

photo courtesy

What do you think of her make up? With all that pressure to marry a Prince, I would think she would lay back and just let others do her make up. Apparently, she do it herself. I would say she is very very courageous! In the end, she looked stunning after all. ^_^ Some other blogger disappointed on her make up with 80's blush and black& silver smokey eye look but then I still give her credit for doing her own make up! ^_^ Self-Reliant Princess.

Princess Catherine @ Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress

I didn't follow through the wedding although it is begin at 11 a.m. just let say I am still in dreamland that moment so I woke up and fortunately the wedding is that long I can still watch some of it.

I love Princess Kate@ Catherine wedding dress. Designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen. Traditional and modern at the same time.

I think she looks beautiful, very princess like!

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

What do you think?

New Header and New Background

As spring coming to give us sunshine and flowers blooming with bird chirping away since 3 a.m. I want to change the layout of my blog in conjunction of spring. ^_^

photo courtesy


Blogger Script Problem

Hey there!

Recently my blog is in a bit of messed so my blog might causing some other bloggers windows crashing. I am sorry! I've already fix it and if there's any other problem for viewing my blog, please tell me , ok? Sweet! ^_^

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make Up Trend: Spring 2011


I was reading Elle magazine and I love what they do with the blusher on the runaway which they called it "C" shaped blush.

It looks like this:

(photo courtesy)

So for the fun of it, I give it a try! ^_^. I will be trying to go with orange blusher like these models. Oh I wish I was that pretty to pull that off. ^-^ well.. no need for pathetic complaint. I love my face. ^-^

(photo courtesy)

Which one is better? With or Without red lips? I don't have orange lipstick. :(

For more on this trend, go here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nail Art: Bloody Merry

Heellooww! ^_^

Anybody feeling a bit squeamish, do not look! ^_^ It is bloody nail art.

I know it is not Halloween yet but I still want to do it. I don't have top coat, that's why I just use Wet & Wild E469- Halucinate,

it has glittery in it, so my attempt to look scary turns into pretty glittery blood. ^_^ I have to give credit for this wet & wild nail polish because it really last longer when I used it as a top coat. ^_^

I hope you like it! Have a nice day!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Liebster Blog

Thanks to Vintage MakeUp for giving me this award! ^_^ I am still blushed ^-^

As it is mention on her blog that this award is for blogger who has less than 300 followers.If you link this, link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more bloggers.


I like her writing about life. A good reminder and affirmation when I need one.

Heartbreaker (?)

*Sorry, girl I don't know her name* sowiiee!

She have cute blog and her post is random in a good way! ^_^


she blogs randomly about her life and her passions.


I like her style ^-^

Easter Look

I got this inspiration from The Vintage Make Up. She used yellow and orange and I think it is very pretty so I tried it with addition of brown on my outer "V" and metallic on my lid. I love it! Thank you The Vintage Make Up! ^_^ I hope you have more make up tutorials! ^_^

I hope you all have a nice Easter Day! ^_^

Friday, April 22, 2011

Would you like 5 year old do your make up ?

I found this cute little girl from BellaSugar website. It seems she knows all the make up lingo and what powder is for what purpose. How cute! I bet she watch a lot of youtuber doing their make up and pick it up from there. Well, young brain are very easily to absorb. ^_^

I can't show it to you here because embedded was disabled but click here to go to her cute little make up tutorial.

MakeUpGeek Weekly Challenge

This is my first entry for makeupgeek or any make up challenge. It is so much fun! ^_^ come and join as well..^_^ Just using lavender, aqua and pink! How spring!

My eye look solely using 12o palette.

Happy Good Friday everyone!

Collection 2000 Summer Competition!

I've got this email from Collection 2000 that they are having Summer competition and winner are going to Ibiza... la la la la.... so join in..probably you and your friends could go to Ibiza for summer of fun.

Personally, summer is always fun, no matter where you are. ^_^

click here to enter

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beauty Commercials Throughout Decades

I love to watch how beauty evolve, you can see beauty from different decades represent in the commercials. ^_^ Though I've only familiar with Revlon commercial with Cindy Crawford in it because she was everywhere when I was younger, I mean literally every magazines that my older cousins bought and her face was in billboards around the city and it makes me feel like "I want to be like Cindy Crawford when I grow up" brainwashed. ^_^


Dorothy Gray Cold Cream Commercial - 1950's

Revlon Berry Bon Bon Commercial 1960

Max Factor Commercial - 1971

NO. 7 commercial - 1980's

Revlon 1997 Commercial

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Giveaway From The Secret Life Of A Wannabe Diva!

This giveaway ends on 27th April 2011, so hurry up and join in! ^_^

What is she giving out for the lucky winner?

How awesome is this?

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