Monday, February 28, 2011

Beauty Trend : Spring

Colored Eyeliners

photo courtesy: (weheartit)

Another way to put "spring" on your eye is color eyeliners. It gives different look than usual black eyeliner. It is said to be in trend now but still depends if you dare to use it or not. ^_^

This is how I use it.

I am using Farmasi cosmetic pencil eyeliner in blue.


Be careful what you post in Facebook.

photo courtesy: (coolstuff)


no need to act surprise, Natalie. You deserve it.

photo courtesy: (sheknows)

She won the Golden Man for Best Actress! I usually don't care about Academy Award but because my love for Black Swan movie and the stunning actresses, I am truly happy she won. Perhaps her baby in the womb is her lucky charm! ^_^

I am still bummed that Mila Kunis isn't nominated.

For other winners in different category, please click here.

Day 30: A picture of someone you miss.

It is not someone, it is more like people that I missed.

My kinokuniya friends. Most of them don't work there anymore but I am surely missed them. The best colleagues I could ever worked with. Who thought working in a bookstore can rock my world?

This is the last day of Photo Challenge. I've made it! Only one photo challenge I didn't complete because of unfortunate event but still I had fun. It giving me an idea of something to blog about, even it is totally lame. ^_^

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar 2011

Today is Oscar, well make it yesterday if according to different time zone. It is only 1830 in California time. Whatever it is, I am totally bias and I really hope Black Swan win in all categories. Ok, too much bias, or at least Natalie Portman will win for Best Actress. ^_^

Too bad Mila Kunis isn't nominated for Best Supporting Actress because she's THE BEST TAH! ^_^

(Photo courtesy:JustJared)

Aren't they beautiful? Lavender and purple dresses. I said that because I love Black Swan. Did I mention it before? ^_^

God damn it! made up your mind, women!

(photo courtesy: vintage)

One thing if I am mad with myself is my indecisiveness. So, please bear with me if I keep changing my background. I am easily bored and I will keep changing it. ^_^

Beauty Trend: Spring

It is all over the internet that spring trend will be neon/bright colors on your eyes. I've always like bright colors on my eyes, it looks much more fun ^_^ though personally I won't wear it on daily basis. Just something I need if I feeling gloomy. ^_^ So this is my version of bright colors to welcome spring, so do speak.

Too much, no?

Day 29: A picture that can always make you smile.

KITTTTTYYYY with a tie.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 28: A picture of something you're afraid of.

Natural causes like earth quake, tsunami etc. Aren't we all? *shivering*

Friday, February 25, 2011

Haifa Wehde Inspired Tutorial

I've recreated this look from MissChievous (youtube make up guru) and she recreated this look from Lebanese singer Haifa Wehde.

Isn't she just out of the world GORGEOUS?!!

I just bought Miners eyeshadow stick in bronze, I think it is similar to MAC shade stick (?). Anyway, the color is so beautiful, I just need to buy it and of course it doesn't break a bank. It is only 4,50€ from Sokos.

That's her tutorial and this is my version. My eyes is already a bit "catty" so doing this eye make up pretty much needed of whole of modification depends on my eye shape. ^_^

Day 27: A picture of yourself and a family member.

My 23rd Birthday. No parties what so ever, just me, cake and bunch of family love. ^_^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do I need to follow?

I got this inspiration from a friend, a very dear friend that put sense in my life. She was telling me how it seems she hit the big 3-0 this year and it seems she didn't accomplish anything. Coming from Asian or even from my culture, accomplish means you are married and have children. No matter how good you are been educated or how much money you make, people will always see the relationship part. Being single in the city is fine but we are talking about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia not London, Paris nor Helsinki. Where a women is like a price tag whenever a guy wants to marry her. If she is beautiful, the price is higher. If she is beautiful and educated (there's a price range from where she been educated oversea = higher) the price could put you on debt for the rest of your life.

As the time goes, people seems to be lean to the very traditional "price tag" but still no matter how metropolitan we, woman are, people always see if you have ring on your hand. If you are married before 25, you are "safe" from the constant nagging of relatives or even other married friends. I still remember one of my school friends why haven't I married yet and sarcastically, she said I really LOVE my job. So, I just shrugged and I told her it is not my priority and also because I don't feel like punching her beautiful face that day. *wide grin* ^_^

Do I really follow it just because? My sister is 5 years older and now that I am almost 3-0 next year, I kinda understand what she's been going through and it sucks. I am pretty much in " safe zone" now because I have a elder sister, who isn't married yet. The moment she will marry is the moment I wish I am deaf.

I am lucky though because my parents didn't push us to get married though in my case, because I lived with my bf, "bomb" is always aiming to me though after awhile I will diffuse it and said "I want to work first, husband second" but then the brilliant people who hold that power refuse to let me forward and so now everything is complicated but I still refuse to say "I'm done, we should do it next time, call me" and it leads to fatigue of life. I am tired to positive some time. One day I just hate everyone and everything and cry my heart out, I am mad at the world and I am mad at higher power , I hate the idea of "everything is going to be fine" because I am that tired. I am tired to be spineless. I am truly tired. Though it wont lasted once I get my chocolate kisses, but being tied down by culture is truly amazing piece of work. don't you agree?

Anyway, I learn to care less about this "rules", I don't know what kind of ring that I want or wedding that I want, I don't care if my price is reduce because you know why. I just want to live and experience life, the whole deal of my culture being too uptight of woman being married is overrated. They make us , "the unmarried" feel hopeless for romance and leads to unwanted marriages. Hell to that. Being married just because every one is doing it is like playing with yourself without imagination or pornography and you will never come.

So, following people is not good thing.Follow your heart is. I know in my heart my friend will meet someone that will rock her world or not, as long as she is happy with her life, I am happy and to hell with RULES. We make our own Rules, remember, Mazian? I love you , babe!

Day 26: A picture of something that means a lot to you.

The sun. ^_^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 25: A picture of your day.

That's pretty much it. I lives in my own world and I love every bit of it. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beauty Trend

Set your make up with mist of hair spray. Agree?

It is a beauty tip I got from some magazine and guess where the author found it, JERSEY SHORE reality show!

Personally, I do not want to put any hairspray on my face. Period. That's what primer are for or loose transparent powder. Of course if you clubbing and dancing and sweating like pig, the make up will "melt" but in the club where usually it is pretty dark, everything look nice and usually no one cares. Doesn't it harmful by the way and sticky? I can believe spraying your brow pencil with hairspray to keep brow in place but on entire face?
I rather mist a water on my face to feel fresh and get bootylicious on the dance floor. I don't care my make up melt. I really don't.- It's a nightclub for crying out loud!

Anyone like CSI Las Vegas?

I do , no, I love it since Grissom was in the team but for some odd reason, the one with Justin Bieber as guest star pretty much made me bored. It seems they have to put something for Justin Bieber to act.

I'm not sure I am glad he's dead or not but I wish the story line is better than he being a smart ass kid blowing up people. hmm.. perhaps killing other kids to be famous? *just a thought*

he's a darling anyway.

What about Dita Von Teese in CSI couple of episode before? I like her as burlesque dancer but not an actress. Story line is "huh?!? I just lost it.

*urgh* hmm,.. well.. I guess CSI also need star to boost their rating though I don't think they need any.

From concerned fan,

Day 24: A picture of something you wish you could change.

Odd but true.I don't want to change anything. When I am criticized about myself, I will find a way to change it. I don't want to change how I look cause make up can change that, I don't want to change how body look like cause if I do, I always know I can work out. I don't want to change my life, because if so, I can always change it. I can always change it without wishing it. I JUST DO IT.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 23: A picture of your favorite book(s)

It is not in particular order. I love each concept in each books and generally I love

....the wisdom in The Alchemist author write about modern Malaysian lives in Cerita Lah

....the odd/bizarre story in Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron.

...and an intelligent and twisted plot in The lost symbols

clickfor list of challenges.

Rambling Of The Day:

When Vanity Is In Low Battery

The older I get, I know one thing for sure. It is so easy to be peace with others, estranged friends and irritated family members, well, you can't choose who is your family, right?
But I really find hard time to find peace with myself.
There's always a little big head person within me criticized everything I am.

"my hair looks dull"

"fuck, I have muffin tops"

"my thigh is big like elephant !"

"my face is hedioussssss"

so, usually if I have this unpeaceful thinking about meself, I will fight it with pampering myself!

"my hair looks dull" -- I will do freakin' hair treatment, put serum and straighten it with straightener or curl it with curler and definitely I feel pretty.

"fuck, I have muffin tops" --- stop using tight pants. It is pretty useless to dwell on something that I can basically change one thing. work out? of course you will suggest that but I come to peaceful mind that I love food, I am enjoying my culturally greasy fatty foods because I don't eat it everyday anyway, so fuck it.

"my thigh is big like elephant!" -- Big thigh means big ass. I have a FAT ASS, most people will surgically want big asses but I have McD FAT on my ASS naturally.

"my face is hedioussssss"--- that's what make up are for.

So that's my short term solution for my unpeaceful thinking. For Long term solution, you really need will power, seriously super will power to accept and love exactly how you look. If you are thinking that I will say something philosophical like " God makes us equal, all beautiful and all grace, be grateful that we have every thing perfectly normal than others who are unfortunate",

you are wrong. WRONGGG. Please go to library or bookstore near you and search under "self-help" sections, Thank you. If you are in Kinokuniya Bookstore, Kuala Lumpur, please go to section near the counter. Thank you.

If you are peace with yourself, please enlighten me.