Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old Flames 

Old flames is gone. Old flame is dead to me. Why can't he get it? I gave a message to say " have a nice life and wish you all the best" speech and the truth is, I wanted to say " Fuck off, you son of a bitch, I do not want to waste my ounce of energy talking to you. I am truly happy without you and thank you very much for being asshole to me because I know what kind of man I want in life..  everything that you are not"

I've been ignored him for past 7 years and I had it. Please be dead. 

I do sound awfully cruel but that's how I roll. Once lost, just get lost. Capishe?!! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Choocolate UnMarble Cake

It is my first attempt to do marble cake.

It doesn't look like "marble" :) opppsss!

I got the recipe from

Perhaps I done it a bit off, cause the cake taste a bit dry.

At least I try!

Cinnamon Bun (untuk Lena)

250ml -susu segar
25gram yis atau satu paket yis
80 gram gula
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu kecil serbuk "cardamom"
1 biji telur
100 gram mentega
370 gram tepung gandum

serbuk cinnamon

1 telur
gula yg besau2 tu :) @ coarse sugar

Cara membuat:

1.Panas kan oven 225c

2.Mskkan yis dalam susu yg suam (tunggu beberapa minit)

3. mskkan separuh tepung dan ayak hingga menjadi doh yg lembut

4.mskkan mentega kedalam doh dan tambah tepung sebyk yg di perlukan.

5. Doh dah sedia jika tak melekat kat jari jemari mu :)

6. Tutupkan doh didalam mangkuk dgn kitchen towel and biarkan naik selama 30 minit (kalo tak naik pon takpe, asalkan ko biarkan)

7. Selepas 30 minit, tumbuk (knead) doh tu sebentar.

8. Dgn rolling pin, ko rolkan doh tu jadi empat segi panjang (rectangular)

9. Spread butter ke atas doh bersama gula dan serbuk cinnamon.

10. ko rolkan doh tu cam nih...

11. Lepas tu ko potong doh tu cam nih...

p/s: bukan tangan aku ye.. aku tak putih cam gitu...:)

12. Tekan kan doh yg telah dipotong tu kat tengah2 dgn ibu jari, jadikan lapisan tu terkeluar sedikit.

13. Biarkan doh tu selama 30 minit lagi dgn kitchen towel.

14. Selepas 30 min, beruskan doh dgn telur dan coarse sugar.

15. Bakar selama 10-15 min @ sehingga perang keemasan.

16. Makan!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

A picky friend

I'm a picky friend. I pick friends... though I am not judgmental. I wish I am younger when making friends just simply sitting next to that person and talk about bullshits. That's usually the case. 

The older I get, friendship is more like a rose in the desert. Rare. 

The best friendship I've made is myself. Pretty fucked up. 

The best friendship I've found is in my sister. I'm older now, so I get all the jokes. 

The lost friendship is just lost. Sailing in bottle, kept alive but drifted apart. 

The new friendship is expanding your world. Meeting new person, is like frog hopping to one place to another just to sit which is comfortable and beneficial. 

No offenses to my all friends,but when I first meet my friends, I pictured them in cartoons or animals or even household items. 

Perhaps I have imagination dysfunction. 

Either way, it made me smile. :) 

p/s: Do not ask me which cartoons, animal or household items are you associate with. Something are meant to be kept beautifully in my mind. Thank you. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Being positive is good but sitting with ultra positive person 24/7 is tiring.
Sometimes you want to slap that person face so hard they are in coma for 2 weeks.
Probably it just me.
Though sitting with person who being totally negative also pain in the ass.
You want to throw them into a dungeon full with lions.
I guess the key word is Balance.


I've always consider myself as positive and optimistic person though I can't help myself for being depressing bitch sometimes. I'm human. Superstitiously, people would consider doing somethings that can bring bad luck but it got me thinking that because bad luck surrounded me lately, I guess things that brings me bad luck could actually brings me good luck. Get it?

We'll see how it goes. :D I do believe in ghosts and spirits.. but thats all about it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cinnamon Buns

Easy to bake and easy to finish!

Joy of life is enjoying food..

Birthday Gift

What more do I want for my birthday? My 28th years of living.

I love you , sis! :D