Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Don't Want A Miss A Thing

urgh. Don't ask if I have fun.. because somehow that question really irritates me. Don't comment " you missed it so much that you didn't go" because somehow it irritate me as well.. I know I didn't go , I couldn't go and for God sake, please stop commenting on everything I post.. it really irritates me as well.. Even though I am far but I can sense something, I have a very good instinct. Seriously, you think I want to missed it?! If I have money now, I would buy her and her husband a fucking plane tickets and sponsor her fucking honeymoon to here!  So, anyone is happy.. especially me, of course. because, I can slur dirty fucking joke in my language. I miss that. 

I do get annoyed of short notice. I am easily annoyed now. My PMS perhaps? or  my head is almost blowing up into tiny bits of pieces because I am a fucking lazy bum and I hate the fact that I don't have sense of detachment.  Can I run? I did that. Can I hide? It pretty much childish. Can I disappear like Houdini? I am not magician. Can I take a dump? If nature calls.  

I am almost there... almost. Bile sampai masa nye...aku akan tahu... 

please do not comment or ask me if I'm ok.. it irritates me even more. Somethings are better leave unsaid and let me keep my maze head in peace...ok? ok. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is boring.
I need to find a new hobby.
Cair si permaisuri

Permaisuri ais cair jua.

Tidak pernah permaisuri terasa sungguh tidak berguna
Matahari menerangi hati nya
Permaisuri ais cair akhirnya
Hati bukan untuk di menangi
Hati bukan untuk di paksa
Permaisuri terasa dirinya kesunyian
Kesunyian dalam lautan yang luas
Permaisuri ais cair jua
Walaupun matahari menerangi
Permaisuri ais tidak mengalah
tetapi hati nya cair
hati nya cair bak lautan yang kering

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul and chocolate chips crisis

Paul is right. Spain won yesterday match. I bet those German want to make a soup out of Paul.

It just an animal though.. sheesh..lighten up.
Today is messy day. I feel messy. Everything is a mess here. Clean dry clothes in one big bin bag and the kitchen is in mess.
Oh well... at least I will move around. It is not as sunny as yesterday but sure dry my clothes pretty quickly!
I feel like baking though personally I swore off baking ..but I couldn't help it!! I want something to munch!! Can you believe it is impossible to find chocolate chips here?!! No chocolate chip in the store!!! There is chocolate chip cookies but noooooooooooooo chocolate chip for baking!!!!

I guess I just use what they have in store... modification is way of life...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paul the Octopus predicts Spain will win tonight. Yes, a real life octopus predicts football match. We will see...
I've seen Germany beat Argentina and personally, Germany is a very strong team. As people who loves football said "the ball is round, anything could happen".

So Paul.. we will see how it is going to be. If Spain wins, I bet you can stay being octopus. If not, you could very much make a good meal...;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Problems and Addictions

*sigh* After all this time, it only took one click to enable blogger compose again...:) silly me.
For 3 days, I had a problem for not be able to compose anything because somehow I accidently click "edit html" and it just stay loading for 3 days... if you have the same problem as I do, just go to Settings - Basic - under Global setting click "old editor".
Sharing is caring and Oversharing is scary.

I am officially addicted to nintendo Professor Layton´s series. It have very good puzzles. It can make you feel super smart or super dumb. Nothing in between. The person who did this is genius. I guess he loves puzzle so much, his brain is like a huge maze. It does makes me want to use my brain. Really. How many time do you use your brain? Now, because of doing puzzles, I have come to the conclusion that I don´t use my brain as much as I thought I would. Not to say I am getting smarter, but you can say enlightment.:-) It can make you feel down to earth as well.
I guess gaming is a good thing... even if you are shooting zombies. It concentrate on your focus level...or just bloody shoot zombies...either how you see it.

If you like puzzles and good mystery story plot. This is exactly what you will love!

Enough of the games. My laptop isn´t in good condition. It is always in overheating mode and shut itself a few times in a day. My bf laptop open most of the time and it doesn´t shut down... and I thought open the laptop too long can explode the laptop.<<<>
My bf is trying to save it. I hope he does. If he can´t save it, I have to accept it. I am grateful for this laptop to serve me for as long as I want it to be. Thank you, my dear lappie...

Between electricity and water, which one is the most important?
After having an experiences throughout my life, I would say water. Of course it is.

First experience -- Desa View Tower.
No water for 2 or 3 months. My family need to bring at least 4 buckets of water each day to 8th floor ( no lifts as well )and had to shower using minimal of 1 litre of water.. rest of it need to wash clothes and wash the dishes. I was pretty thin of because of that "exercise".

second experiences - Kelantan.
I was in this program in university and we went to Kelantan and stayed at one of army barracks. In one dorm, 10 girls in it and limited water as well. There is water but not a clean one. You can say a muddy water. For 3 days, I have to wash myself in muddy water and bottled water I bought. After 3 days, I stink more than a skunk and worshipped small bottle of cologne.

third experience- Finland
Apparently, there is plumbing construction undergo in this building and they reap everything related to water. Fortunately, when it is done, we have clean tap water to drink and shower. The only realisation for me of putting water is important is the washing machine is not working. Piles of dirty clothes are waiting in que to get wash. It driving me crazy. Thank God for public washing machine.

There you have it. You need water.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Row Row Row your boat

I went boating yesterday. It was fun.. super fun. I feel like titanic.. no.. I wouldn't like to be on Titanic.. that's  different. It was beautiful scenery. So beautiful I couldn't catch my breath. It would be obvious or dumb observations but gosh, there's a lot of water... if I kept thinking about it, I would fear about it. I can't swim and the only thing on my back of my mind was "oh geezz... what if I drown?" 
Anyhow... I had Miami Vice moment.. :-)  

We're stopped at one of the island... and take a quick nap there... yes, nap in the middle of heat. Of course everyone there is delightful to get some color on their skin but if anyone saw me there, they bet their asses that I am Asian because only Asian cover themselves in the sun. :-) plus, I don't need more color on me. I've been ridicule most of my childhood for being too dark.
It is an Asian thing. fair skin= pretty. dark skin = ugly. simple. Though when I get older, I prefer my own skin color. Just keep it clean.

Perhaps the heat does have a bit effect on me. I had headache. It's all good now. I can't wait to go boating again or perhaps fishing?. One thing I can't shake about beautiful scenery is, I love the feeling that I am part of a beautiful painting. 

Friday, July 2, 2010


Blog problem... don't know why but it is pain in the ass.
World Cup update: Brazil lost to Netherlands. Surprise? yes. a bit.
Anyhow, I wanted to eat doughnuts today but I am much more want to make it myself than buying it so I've checked my ingredients and as usual, you always runs out one ingredient and it is usually an important ingredient. Dry yeast. So I begin to search doughnuts without yeast and I found one Jewish recipe. It is Mini Doughnuts. I give it a try because I have all the ingredients.

and the results..

It looks festive with icing sugar... everything looks festive whenever icing sugar on top of it...;)
It is supposedly to be Jewish holiday foods but who cares! It is good... and easy to make!


1 cup - flour
1 1/2 tsp - baking powder
1/2 tsp - salt
2 tbsp - cream cheese
2 tbsp- yogurt
Vanilla sugar - put as much as you want! It always smells sooooooooo gooooodd
2 tbsp- sugar
1 egg

1. Mix eggs and sugar. Add remaining ingredients. Mix it well.
2. Spoonful it into hot oil and fry it.
3. Serve with icing sugar or ice cream if you want!! yumm..yumm..

It is like cucur manis.. :-)

Selamat Makan!