Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reality shows

Nooooooooooooooooo... No more reality  show.. I can just not watch it. It is really bother me somehow because even if I have a peek of the reality show, I will undoubtedly have a sin of being a totally bitch and bitching the whole show or character. I think everybody is doing it. I hate it. I truly fucking hate it. I just don't understand why on earth people are interested on someone else life? curious or need of comparing lives? "She have a great life... bla..bla or I won't do that if I were her/him" 

These are shows that I thought a bit ridiculous. 


Is this suppose to educate or support teenagers to get pregnant? 


Encourage plastic surgery on teen and leads to BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)?!!!!! Wtf


Do I need to explain? 

Perhaps I would quote Marina and The Diamond "I'm obsess with the mess that's America!!" 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is hot (not Paris Hilton's That's hot; sungguh gatal). Weather is hot. A bee flying inside the house and my plants aren't getting perkier. *sigh* It is a beautiful day nevertheless!

World Cup update : Yesterday Brazil vs Chile. Brazil won 3- 0. Isn't that a bit predictable? anyway, it doesn't matter but at least Chile could score at least 1 goal. What am I saying? Suddenly, I'm talking about football. A game that basically 11 multiple 2 = 22 balls (assume all of the player still have 2 balls) chasing 1 ball. It is a season where people suddenly crazy about football or I would say gambling.

Stop about football.

I am searching for language course currently and deciding to search maybe some new friends or should I? The truth to be told that I am a loner. I like being alone. I found being alone equal to expanding my mind. Contradict of what other people would say. You need to talk to others or listen to other perspectives to expand your mind. I didn't say it is wrong. It is my way of doing things. Actually come to think of it, there isn't any right or wrong in this world. It depends on society morals and values. 
I am a confuse girl. I'm sometimes ask question that people would purposely said back to me "you don't believe in anything". It's how they normally answer questions that are offensive.

My friend Hayanee is joining the blog world. I am sure she will please to indulge the eternity of bullshitting anything and everything in her mind. That's what I am doing at least. 
I am trying to include something useful once in awhile. 

World cup update : Japan lose over a penalty. well..  banzaii Japan then! 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

 Baking madness

I need to stop baking. No matter how hard I try, the cake or baking result isn't good. So., I need to stop baking without proper equipment. I would need a good scale, measurement cups, mixer and muffin tray or any baking tools. yes, I will baking with proper equipment from now on. 

OR I just use ready made cake mix if I have the urge to eat something sweet or just need the feeling of baking. It's odd, I know but I do have that feeling. 

Anyhow, it is good thing I didn't do anything about the muffin when I was at summer place. Kitchen was a mess and everybody is drinking a lot. I mean A LOT for straight 3 days. We even have 30euros worth of beer cans. 

Conclusion, no more baking. :-) 

oh, I've made lemon-cream cheese muffin today. It was good. unhealthy good. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

 Sharing Paring..

Wow... I never thought I would post so much in one day. 
well when you have a lot of things to share, just share it. Sharing is caring ...
I hope I'm not over-sharing. we'll see.. if I starting to post a picture of me eating bread and stated  "I'm eating bread at this-this place", please bitch slap me. 

it is midsummer tomorrow and usually the Finns celebrate it and they celebrate it hard.
So hard I think none of them remember what year it is. Though I have been told that some of the culture involving running naked around the bushes to find suitors but I am thinking that it is nice to run around naked when most of the year are cold. So, why don't take the clothes off! :D gatal..:) 

I am looking forward tomorrow cause there will be birthday parties as well.. 
Totally Klutz

I was totally forgot about the bread in the oven. Talking about ignorance eh and now, I ignored the bread in the oven!!! 

Hitam legam roti ~~   buang makanan je...  
I can feel the bread is crying..  :( Over tanning...
Summer Sun 

This is a sun. It shines until 11 pm or whatever time the sun wants to set. 

The time in that picture is 9 pm. Yes, PM. 
Though I am very much grateful to be able to see it from my window everyday with this nature. You can't help it, 80% of this area covered with trees.No, I'm not living on a tree if that what you are wondering. It suits with reputation of being born in Borneo *wink* < for Sarawakian, you know what I mean. Peninsulars people used to be ignorance. Say thanks to AirAsia for that! No offence. It's only a joke.... -ish. Most of my friends are from KL. Love you guys! :P~


My boyfriend dreamed he was selected to be a cult leader and this is what inspired me to buy this candle stand.

Would anybody like to have a cult? I heard 2 big news concerning about cult in Malaysia. Ayah Pin and there's a lady who self-proclaimed to be a prophet and wearing white. whatever it is, it's a cult and people are following it. oh and there's a ********************** (I'm thinking) Al-Ma'unah and Al-Arqam.

Scary isn't a word to describe it. It got me thinking, people who are in these cults, are they actually subconsciously needing "spiritual" help or being totally brain-washed by charismatic sales pitch? 

perhaps it is good to be ignorant.
Flower power!!!

We got plants for the house and the sunflower, died after 2 days. Too much sun? I can't water it too much, it just need sun. why do you think it is called sunflower?
So when I researched, perhaps I might over water it. I did? *urgh*

how sad is it? It would be such a lovely flower with all the plants together...

Oh well... only one just a little reminder. Do not have sunflower. Officially, I do not have green hands. :(

any ideas?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am making chocolate muffin today! guilty pleasure or I would say "craving".
I'm baking straight from the muffin mix. It is easier and cheaper if you adding all the ingredients into one shopping bag. Beside, I'm the only person who will eat it. My bf doesn't like sweet things. ( I'm the only sweet things he will ever needs *wink* wink* )
He eats chocolate but not as obsessively as I do. :-)

I guess most girls love sweet things.  Tell me WHO doesn't like it? minus the girls who are obsessing with diets. Hey, even my diet consist of chocolate milk! :-) and girls who have bad teeth and been ban to eat chocolate! teeth hurts when I ate Tupla though of course Tupla is chocolate bar and as if I will sworn off any other chocolatey stuff. I am eating chocolate muffin for lunch today!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I watched Sex and The City 2 with Anna yesterday. Guilty as charge! 
You can't deny the clothes. People said it was too much even for the clothes on them but personally, I love it. It's colorful and silky. I wish my skin wore that kind of textile. 

I didn't notice this before but I really begin to be interested in patterns. Like wallpaper on my wall now. Who doesn't? everyone loves patterns, right? It really make me happy to see colorful patterns. There is one brand in Finland named Marimekko and I used to ignore it before but they have boutique in Helsinki and they have fabolous patterns dresses! I think that would be the first thing i will buy when I get my own hard earn money. 

No need to ask me about SATC 2. I just look at the clothes/ shoes. sorry. The plot is the same, funny women issue we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. That is exactly why I love totally fictional or fantasy. Detach from real world and not to remind you about how fucked up life can be in a movie. We are living in a movie. No need to watch it again except if they have lovely shoes and clothes. At least for me. 

End of the day, I had a very nice night out with Anna and I feel myself again. Just what I needed. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

wind is mad today or perhaps wind is too excited. i went outside and i can feel the wind can lift a tree. I got my blog back after gmail disabled it yesterday because of "funny activities" that happen in my emails. It is a spam that I'm involuntary involve in.

Past is past and no need to bitch about it.

Since I moved to very very very far away land, I have begin learning about making food. Mostly because I do not have my mom cook it for me and I am feeling under the weather if I don't eat rice. I am Malay and I need rice. No need to argue. You can take me out of Malaysia but not Malaysia out of me.

Learning process is fun. I had burned the food, too sweet, too salty and everything in between. Thankfully, Malay food isn't hard to learn. It just sometimes you need a lot of ingredients to remember.

Asian shops is only available in Helsinki. *bummer* so I really need to plan what to eat. Because of Malay food consume much chili paste, I can say I am in love with chili paste I bought from this one asian shop.

I love the taste and I love how to perfectly cook the sambal. *drool* I will not start to mumbling about making food. I am not ready yet. Perhaps I will make a blog. For sure it is beginner friendly. I am beginner as well and as a beginner, you always want to find a very easy way.

Til next time!