Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stuck in my head

I bet there's a song you can't get rid of your head once you heard it. Annoyed.
This is the song that stuck in my head. The cat is darn cute and the singing is kinda catchy stuck-in-your-head effect.

You gotta love that! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I forget about myself lately. Perhaps my anticipation to go back to KL makes me forget about myself. What I mean about forgetting myself is I don't really care how I look like. It bothers me, really. So, I am now pampering myself. I like the effort of looking pretty. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Life is odd, no, people are odd. Lately I've been reading and saw some disturbing images or news. It does interest me how people are very much colorful in the puzzling way.
You got to love the internet. Before internet supply me these weird news/ people, I get it from this one magazine back in Malaysia called "Mastika". It is like Ripley's Believe it Or Not magazine for Malaysian. :)

I love to read about ghosts, spirits and just bizarre. I guess most people are pretty much intrigue with it as well.

My bf's friend introduce me to this comic "Like Velvet Gloves Cast in Iron" by Daniel Clowes. This author also wrote "Ghost world" which made into a movie starred Thora Birch and Scarlett Johannsen. I've read 3 books from him and all of them are brilliant.
I think I will read all of his books from now :)

Why is it brilliant? simplicity with odd plots in real life situations:) Real life are stranger than fiction they say..

Some of them are quite provocative as well, it makes it more interesting to read.:)

If someone is pretty much interested with odd stuffs in Asia, go to or if you know any bizarre news.. tell me! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cake (again?)

I am making chocolate cake (again). The reason why I making chocolate cake is because I want the chocolate batter! I don't care much about when it coming out from the oven, I just want the batter. It taste soooo good. I know it is not good for my health, but still, only once...(riighht).

I was thinking that I have cocoa powder and other ingredient so why not! Though I am very much determine after this I will only buy grocery if I want to cook something that day. I feel I wasted so much money by buying stuff that I will use after 2 months and perhaps when I want to use it, it's expired! *bummer*

I love cake batter, especially and only chocolate batter since my mom used to made cake whenever Raya season. oh my... I love whenever she mix the ingredients in the mixer and my finger start crawling into the batter when the mixer stop. *loveely*

I know for some people, it will gross them out but I think I am useful in this cake baking process because I will clean out very much the mixer bowl..nothing left, only my finger print all over the bowl. so the conclusion is I like it raw, babeh!! If you wondering whether I bake the cake, I do. I am not as gross as you think I am...
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In few weeks I will be home in Nilai... I can't wait to wear slippers/ flipflop/ sandals.. a breeze on my toes and not crowded with socks and boots... not that I am complaining about the snow..I love the snow... not the weather.:)

I am looking forward to go to langkawi. I never been there. 2 things I know about Langkawi, Mahsuri and tax-free chocolate! I am looking forward for many things. Lepaking! :)
I have to catch up the gossips! :)

I don't think there is much change in KL anyway. It is only been for 8 months I'm away.. so pretty much I want my kopitiam drinks and donuts. :)

I am packing my bag slowly. There will be plumbing construction in this building and everybody should be away for 3 months while they demolish the bathrooms and kitchen..
We went to building office to select tile colors and pipe.. it looks very nice

Kopitiam, Here I come!