Saturday, January 23, 2010


My sister and I chatted yesterday and we were talking about how people change when they want something bad. Real bad. The changes they made are becoming unrecognizable from the people who knew them. There is good change and bad change. Good change when you feel more happier with what you achieve and will achieve and bad change is when you begin to push away people that know you for very long time.

I do like the word CHANGE. I change myself pretty much as well, I am bored with myself often. Change is very much my middle name somehow. :) though mostly my changes are my hair .. physically change is always be my hobby..;) oh no, not until I had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one know who I meant..

Anyway, being true to oneself is hard. It is hard. People always say "be true to yourself", easier said than done. Tell me when easier said and easier done?
Perhaps we are creature of chameleon, we change in certain situation, we change in different environment and mostly we change with age... some people getting younger and some just getting older....which one are you?

I miss my mumbo-jumbo talks with my sister and we're so going to talk so much until our mouth can't close...:)

Of all the changes we made in our life, confidence is the key.
We all need a little more of the kitty!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of my friend asked me if I want to get married. The truth is, I already feel like married except for official paper that said I'm a Mrs. I love being in this relationship, is it not enough?
As for the favorite question people would ask when it come to my age, "when are you going to get married?" , I'm not bothered to answer nor to think about it.
I believe things come naturally.

I don't know what's in store for me in the future but all I know be happy presently, future is what you make it today.

p/s: I love Cathy Thorne's cartoons:)

Have you ever feel so much motivated to do everything at once, your heart says "go for it!, you can do it!" and then you actually do it, it overwhelm you? you become the most messiest person you know and everything is out of order. That is exactly how I feel today. I wanted to do a lot of baking mostly bread and I have all of the ingredients but just one ingredient short and now I am start feeling out of control. I hate that!

Relax... breath in and breath out. I need to do one at the time. Feeling too much motivated can be hazardous. :) Feeling indifferent is worse.

Like dream, never can dream enough because it is actually makes you have sense of purpose in life. So keep on dreaming and do something about it too! :) I've make a mental picture of 1001 things to do before I die, that wouldn't include drugs and purposely put my head into crocodile mouth. way too much..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oldies Blog Blabber

I want to make this is the only blog I have and I will delete the rest. I don't want to delete the content of the blog because I think it is quite sentimental for me and I will surely reread it. :)


how often you have a bad dream? how often those images of ghost from movies or imagination comes into our dream and we know it is only a dream. I had a bad dream yesterday. Once, I dreamt that there's a ghost of a women more less like the one i watched Shutter, playing peek a boo with me on the stairs. I knew it was a dream and I think I get so use of it, I didn't even afraid. They won’t hurt me and perhaps also, was I sleeping in awkward position until bad dream sometimes crawling into my dream? I don't usually dream but when I dream, I do dream of ghost. :)

I don't believe in dream being prophecy. I don't know , It never happen to me that my dream are real in reality. Researcher said dream are your most inner feeling. Ghost is my guilt, fear, and/or repressed memories. Your dream is serving as a medium for you to face your fears and thus it is important to pay attention to what message the phantom is trying to convey.( . that so? how about ghost playing peek a boo with me? :D urgh. No point to seek answer. I will live to the fullest, happily and healthy that will bring wealth! :D
>>> I still remember that! eeerrriieee... I still have goose bumps whenever I think of it.


Everyone is obsess with something. My current obsession is Facebook game, Zoo world, Happy Aquarium, and other games that I am quite ashamed to admit here. Anyway, my obsession begin last 2 weeks. I thought "why not?" and that WHY NOT turns into obsessions. I know it is not something productive but when you into the game, you are obsess with climbing up the level or buying some "cool" stuff for your game, which I was until I am de-motivated with payments through credit card if you want "ultra cool" stuff for that game. That does it. It ruins my mood completely and I am oppose to pay anything for that!

So now, I'm taking it easy and just enjoy playing it without concerning too much about climbing up the level though I am tempted and my competitiveness brush in. huh? I never thought I am competitive. Well, at least in those games. :)

I do have plenty of time on my hands.:) I am sorry to my facebook friends to endure my obsession with posting unnecessary and irrelevant stuff for the game. Sorry! :)